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Paul Salzman

Innovation Operations Technologist
CEO/COO For Hire

Areas of expertise

Business Strategy

Are you a business owner who feels lost working in your business? I’ll help you get control and make your business work for you. I’m available  as an interim CEO/COO for hire.

Corporate Culture

Are your employees stuck or disenchanted? Do you feel as if they’re working against you? I will foster an effective, lasting cultural realignment.

Creative Strategy

Does your marketing message seem stale? I will shift your business to a fresh strategy that gains business, improves customer relationships, and rallies your team.

Business Assessment

Do you feel your business is out of control? Do your processes seem stale? Allow me to do a full assessment of your business, and create an overview with strategies for improvement.

Online Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is a complicated landscape, often wrought with expensive solutions with minimal ROI. I will help create a realistic strategy that optimizes your online marketing efforts.

Information Operations

Is your business stifled by aging IT while drowning in disparate systems? I will develop a comprehensive, simple, and cost effective strategy leveraging my technology partner relationships.

About Me

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and manager who can transform your business. My background encompasses a unique blend of experience spanning operations, marketing, sales, technology, and senior management. I’ve worked with companies large and small.

I’m a dad, HAM radio operator, automotive aficionado, design enthusiast, and a constant student of the world.

My core philosophies are to do more with less and always be learning.

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