My Boy’s First Voice-Over Work…

3 Apr

My son’s first voice-over work on No Agenda, Episode 292. ┬áDirect link to the show here: or listen below: No Agenda features Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak, who deconstruct the media and bring awareness to the BS. Thanks … Read More »

Hacked iPad Already?

26 Mar

CTIA conference highlights new phone. Apple iBookstore to have explicit content. Google to wait until end of year to pick fiber experimental cities. Credit card hacker gets 20 years. Nokia buys browser company. Google to share case from phones in … Read More »

Femtocells for Everyone!

24 Mar

Bone finger shows new human DNA. Sprint Wi-Max reviews give stock a boost. Sony criticizes Nintendo. Meanwhile look for DSxl to hit shelves. Samsung getting into AMOLED screen/ Very pretty. Dell falling into cloud computing deal. Yahoo iPhone app seems … Read More »

New Phone Monster Screen

23 Mar

Google China dispute all over the news. Studies indicate that the iPad will be more of an e-reader than anything else. Samsung Galaxy phone has huge screen. Microsoft has dumb idea. Guess what? Branson closer to sending people into space. … Read More »